Monopoly Junior Frozen

Monopoly Junior Frozen is the perfect board game for young fans of Disney’s blockbuster animated film, Frozen. If you love Monopoly and are a fan of Disney’s Frozen, then get ready for an exciting adventure with Monopoly Junior: Frozen Edition .Combining the magic of the movie with the fun and excitement of playing Monopoly, this special edition is bound to captivate players of all ages. So, let’s step into the snowy kingdom of Arendelle and experience an adventure like never before.

Frozen Monopoly Junior:

Frozen takes the classic Monopoly board game and infuses it with the icy charm of the Disney blockbuster; Frozen. Targeted at younger players between the ages of 5 and 8, this version adapts the gameplay to be more kid-friendly while still offering a fantastic experience that adults can enjoy too.

The goal is simple:

Be the player with the most money at the end of the game. Travel around the board, landing on scenes from the movie where you can buy properties like Elsa’s Ice Palace and Arendelle Castle using Snowflake tokens. Collect rent from your opponents when they land on your properties, upgrade them with snowflake tokens, and pass ‘Go’ to receive even more money.

 *Special Cards*

In addition to property spaces, players will also encounter special Frozen-themed cards that add a touch of magic to their adventure:

*Ice Blast cards*

Take additional actions during your turn like moving ahead by two spaces or swapping properties with another player.

*Grand Pabbie cards*

Provide special abilities that can change your fortunes or cause opponents to freeze in their tracks.

* Character Tokens*

In Monopoly Junior )- Frozen-  players get to play as their favorite characters from the movie, Elsa, Anna, Olaf or Kristoff. Each character comes with a specially designed token to move around the board.

* Snowflake Spaces*

This edition introduces an exciting new twist to the game – Snowflake Spaces. When a player lands on one of these spaces, they can use 2D snowflake tokens to freeze properties and lock other players out.

*Arendelle Locations*

The properties in this game are themed around popular locations from Arendelle. Players can purchase and collect places like Elsa’s Ice Palace, Arendelle Castle Gate or Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post.

*Gameplay Mechanics for Younger Players*

With simplified rules and faster gameplay,”Monopoly Junior Frozen” is designed to engage children while still.

*How to Win*

Just like the traditional Monopoly game, winning is all about strategy and making wise financial decisions. To increase your chances of success.

Players Guide Instructions:

1. Set up the game board: Place the four-character tokens on the “Go” space. Separate the custom money (Olaf dollars) into different denominations and give each player their starting cash: 2x$5, 4x$4, 3x$3, 2x$2, and 5x$1.

2. Shuffle the Chance cards and place them face down beside the game board.

3. Roll the dice to determine who goes first. The highest roller starts the game.

4. On a player’s turn, roll the die and move that number of spaces in a clockwise direction around the board. Follow any instructions on that space:

a) Unowned properties: If you land on an unowned property, you must purchase it by paying its listed price to the bank.
b) Owned properties: If you land on a property owned by another player but has no ice palace on it, pay rent to that player as listed on the board.
c) Ice palaces: If a player lands on a property with an ice palace, they pay double rent to the owner.
d) GO: Collect $2 every time you pass or land on this space.
e) Jail: If you land here, pay $3 to exit jail immediately; if you can’t pay, miss a turn instead.
f) Free parking: Nothing happens when you land here.

5. Chance cards: If you land on a Chance space, draw a card and follow its instructions.


Monopoly Junior Frozen board game is an engaging and entertaining board game that brings the magical world of Disney’s Frozen to life. This game not only strengthens the bond between family and friends through healthy competition, but it also helps sharpen problem-solving skills and strategic thinking among young players. With its visually appealing design and accessible gameplay, Monopoly Junior Frozen is a must-have in every family game night collection

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