x rocker 51396 pro series pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair

The x rocker 51396 pro series pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair is perhaps the best x rocker pro series pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair, wireless in the market today. Video game enthusiasts who have used this gaming chair I believe can attest to this assertion.

The chair is designed with utmost ingenuity and artisanship to ensure great ergonomics, convenience and reliability, not only in playing video games, but also watching television, listening to music, reading and quality relaxation.

51396 gaming chairThe x rocker ”51396 gaming chair” video games is a gadget that every video gaming enthusiast needs to have in his or her possession.

If your intention has been to find a great gaming chair at an affordable cost then this review of X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 51396 should make your work a lot easier. In this review we will delve into discussing the most important features of this gaming chair and then finding what its users of love it for.

Highly Interactive Audio

x rocker audio chair

Imagine playing your favorite video game in a 3D widescreen television and having a gaming chair that allows you not only to heart the sound effects of the game but actually feel it. This ‘x rocker audio chair’ will give you a whole new audio experience that will make you feel that you are in the game with all the excitement thereof.

This great audio is provided by its two surround sound speakers hidden in the X Rocker’s headrest as well as a powerful subwoofer which use the famous 2.1 Audio Force Modulation (AFM) Technology of Ace Bayou.

This technology integrates the two speakers and ported power subwoofers in the empty space in the body of the X Rocker to amplify the quality of the sound and intensity of the user’s audio experience.

High Levels of Comfort and Ergonomics

If you have ever This X Rocker Gaming chair maintained a particular posture for long then you understand that ergonomics is very important when it comes to playing video games.

I cannot get bored or tired of playing my favorite video games and I believe that goes for many of video game enthusiasts out there. Using a wrong gaming chair with poor ergonomics can interfere with your body because of poor posture leading to pain and other health risks.

The great news about the ‘X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal’ is its ergonomic construction. It features a base that elevates and gives you the opportunity to tilt and swivel for optimal comfort, a padded heavy-duty backrest and headrest as well as gun-stock arms that offer the best support and stability you can ever hope for. These also provide the highest levels of comfort and elegance that are the signature features of great gaming chairs.

Uncomplicated and Easy To Access Controls

x rocker audio cable

A good gaming chair is one which features controls that are easy to operate x rocker audio cable and accessible so that users can adjust them even amidst the game.

This gaming chair features very easy to use, accessible and well organized controls that can be operated by anyone regardless of the levels of skill in operating gaming chairs.

It features isolated bass and volume controls, as well as input and output jacks for connection to other audio sources and other X Rocker in the case of games that involve multiple players at the same time.

The chair also features built-in wireless receiver. In the box, you will find your wireless transmitter capable of sending audio all sources that feature RCA outputs to your gaming chair or your headset. Also in the box are optional RCA cables in case you do not wish to use the wireless transmission.

Features and Specifications

If you need a quick scan of the features, specifications and the benefits of this great chair then the following list will be helpful.

The chair features two high quality speakers and a built-in subwoofer system that uses the highly advanced ‘2.1 AFM Technology’for compromised listening experience.

This X Rocker is capable of connecting with multiple gaming chairs to enhance video gaming experience for games that require multiple players.

The ”x rocker pedestal video gaming chair” comes with built-in radio wireless receiver as well as an included wireless transmitter that is compatible with any audio source that uses RCA connectors or outputs. Optional RCA cables are also packed in the box.

This gaming chair also features great ergonomics made possible by its highly stable and supportive gunstock arms, padded headrest and backrest and elevated base (pedestal) that allows for tilt and swivel for more comfort.

This X Rocker is perfect for playing all video games, watching television, listening to quality music of all genres, leisure reading and relaxation.

What Other People Say About This Gaming Chair

To demonstrate to you that you will not be making a mistake by choosing to buy this x rocker 51396 pro series pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair wireless, you will hear what other users who have purchased this chair have to say about it. x rocker pro series game chair 4800 reviews on Amazon.com since listing.

The average customer review score for this X Rocker is Customer reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars. The distribution of the reviews is as follows: 65% gave it 5-star rating, 14% gave it 4-star rating, 9% gave 3-star rating, gave it 2-star rating while only 5% reviewers of the 4,830 global ratings.

This means that a great percentage of the users are happy with the chair and therefore positively recommend it.

Majority cite great ergonomics and thus comfort and stability, connectivity through the wireless receiver, great audio output, easy and quick set up as well as durability. Some people are also happy with its competitive prices.


Overall, very few people had nothing positive to say about this chair as even critics gave credit where it is due. The problem cited commonly by users is the fact that the chair is not comfortable for big sized people.

While this may be true, the chair can accommodate the weight of most adults but for very heavy people, it may benefit to approach the company to make one customized to carry such large size.

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If you have been looking for a gaming chair that will positively change the way you have been playing your video games then this is the perfect choice.

You will enjoy near reality gaming experience, high levels of comfort and stability, great connectivity and easy controls. Buy the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal and see your money work for you.

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