10 Best Gaming Desk Under 200

Best Gaming desk under 200

10 Best Gaming Desk Under 200 & Buying Guide 2022

If we have the best gaming desk under 200, it can help to improve the entire gaming experience.

We need to have enough space to place all gaming equipment like a mouse, keyboard, and even the PC itself.

If we can have an RGB system, we can show it off instead of hiding under the desk.

However, finding an affordable gaming desk under $200 can be difficult if you don’t know the right places to look.

Amazon is great for providing those with varying budgets, and they have desks of all different sizes and shapes. So it won’t be too hard to find one that is suitable for you.

You will need to consider the space you have available to you and how much desk surface space you will need.

Here, we will show you the best gaming desks under $200 available online for your convenience.

How Long Do the Gaming Desks Last? 

The lifespan of a computer gaming desk, computer gaming desk depends on its quality and usage.

A high-quality desk can last for years while a low-quality one will only last for months.

The lifespan also depends on how much you use your computer – if you’re a gamer who spends hours every day playing games, your desk will wear out faster than someone who spends less time in front of their computer.

10 Best Gaming Desk Under 200

After in-depth research, we have picked the 10 best gaming desk under 200. Now we will discuss it for you to know better.

Gaming Desk DESINO 40 Inch PC Computer Desk

Best Gaming Desk Under 200

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Desino brand usually makes a variety range of great gaming desks. But the 40-inch one is excellent because of its dense size.

With just 40 inches, it is an excellent choice for bedroom setups or any apartment.

It has a front-facing edge that turns inside to place an ergonomic keyboard.

In addition, on the right side, there is a cup holder, and on the left, a headphone hook. We gamer do not lose anything with the small foot mark.

The Desino gaming desk also includes a monitor stand and some space underneath a sound box or even additional storage.

We can definitely add struts and crossbars to make the pc desk more secure if we want any additional support.

If you are on a low-cost or have a shortage of space, this would be the best cheap gaming PC desk under 200.

Key Features

  • Product dimensions are 23.5 X 40.25 X 29.75 inches.
  • The unique feature is it is ergonomic.
  • The shape of this desk is rectangular.
  • The style is pro-gaming style.
  • The finish type is laminated.
  • The material type is engineering wood, steel.
  • It is suitable for office, dormitory, classroom, living room.
  • It is in black.

Highlighted Features

  • Gives a better experience.
  • It can be used as multi-functional.
  • The desk uses a special carbon fiber texture.
  • Very durable and sturdy.
  • Installation is easy.


    • The desk is very compact.
  • It has some extra stuff, such as a headphone hook.
  • The features make the PC desk ideal for gamer.
  • It does not need a lot of areas to set up.


  • Be careful at the time of assembly; otherwise, it will

Foxemart Writing Computer Desk

Gaming Desk Under 200

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Foxemart writing computer desk is very minimalist and comfortable and can fit anywhere.

We can choose any color of this desk as it comes in 5 different colors.

It can be used for various activities, such as studying or working.This specific desk will fit any purpose.

The design of this desk will allow us to place any working stuff like laptops, books, even gaming PC.

Typically, a gaming PC needs more space to cover. If we have this desk, we do not have to buy an additional desk or other equipment.

This desk is more standard compared to another computer desk. But there are some features that we should consider before buying this desk.

Key Features

  • Product dimensions are 19.7 X 39.4 X 29.2 inches.
  • Adjustable leg pads, 1-2cm in length.
  • The shape of this desk is rectangular.
  • The material type is engineering wood.
  • The mounting type is floor mount.
  • Rustic brown color.

Highlighted Features

  •  Very easy to assemble.
  • The design is very stable and super sturdy to hold any weight.
  • Versatile in that it can fit any type of workspace.
  • It is coated with a thick powder metal frame, making it solid and durable.

This desk will give a great value for money.


  • It is minimalist and has stylish features.
  • The desktop board is 0.6 inches thicker which can support heavyweights.
  • This is the best gaming desk for small room.
  • Adjustable leg pads which can stand on uneven floors.
  • Spacious enough to put dual monitors.
  • It has an ample amount of space underneath to rest the leg.


  • After searching for a good gaming desk on Amazon,

we found that it is one of the best only with positive reviews.


GreenForest L Shaped Gaming Desk


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The reason that makes the GreenForest desk extraordinary is we can create a U-shaped desk with it.

The GreenForest L-shaped desk is a modern design and has environmentally-friendly materials.

It has enough storage that it does not need bookshelves.

A single desk has sufficient area for a monitor, and we can store our gaming equipment.

The desk is so strong that it can easily hold two monitors on a stand. We can adjust the desks as per our preferences with the modular design.

The short and long models are very durable, and they can easily hold the weight of two monitors. It is one of the best large desks for gaming.

Key Features

  • Product dimensions are 58.1 X 44.3 X 29.13 inches.
  • The weight of this desk is 37.2 pounds.
  • The shape of this desk is L-shape.
  • The material type is engineering wood.
  • The mounting type is floor mount.
  • The style is contemporary.

Highlighted Features

  • It is spacious enough to accommodate more than 3 monitors.
  • This desk has a separate stand which provides more space for devices and gadgets.
  • The setup of corner desk gaming can be divided into two.
  • The surface is made of engineering wood particles that are scratch-proof.
  • The additional shelf on top can move and adjust too.
  • It includes an adjustable foot-pad.



  • It is very stylish and sleek in design.
  • ​The frame is sturdy, which can prevent shaking and movement.
  • ​​The foot-pad can prevent the floor from being damaged.
  • The table legs can prevent scratches.


  • The height is fixed.
  • It has no USB socket.

Computer Desk 39 inch Modern Sturdy Office Desk

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This desk includes thick metal frames which ensure stability during use. In addition, it is anti-scratch waterproof, and extremely easy to clean.

The frame of this desk is made of heavy powder-coated steel, which makes sure that it is stable and durable.

Also, it is strong enough to support heavy equipment. It has metal legs, and the leg pads are adjustable, ensuring that the desk remains stable on an uneven floor.

The customer service is excellent if we have any questions or issues regarding product assembly, quality, or other difficulties during use.

They respond very quickly anytime at anywhere. Moreover, they provide replacements if we want.

Key Features

  • Product dimensions are 19.7 X 39.4 X 29 inches.
  • The brand name is Coleshome.
  • The shape of this desk is rectangular.
  • The material type is engineering wood.
  • It is in a walnut color.
  • The mounting type is floor mount.
  • It is in rustic brown color.

Highlighted Features

  • The design style is modern, which remains stable enough.
  • It can be placed even on uneven floors.
  • This desk assembling is not complicated at all.
  • It has a great option with multiple sizes to choose from.
  • Dedicated customer service is always available.



  • It is very stylish and sleek in design.
  • ​The frame is sturdy, which can prevent shaking and movement.
  • ​​The foot-pad can prevent the floor from being damaged.
  • The table legs can prevent scratches.


    • The height is fixed.
    • It has no USB socket.


Coleshome 61″ Super Large L Shaped Desk Gaming Desk

Coleshome 61" Super Large L Shaped Desk Gaming Desk, L Desk Computer Corner Desk with Round Corner with Removable Shelf for Gaming Desk Home Office Writing Workstation

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This L-shaped gaming desk is one of the best gaming desks. It will give us more space to store different items.

This gaming desk setup has more space for studying, working, and obviously gaming. It provides different sizes of tables in different colors too.

We can easily choose the size and color according to the home space and decoration style.

We recommend it as a top gaming desk because it has a warranty of three years. Also, the quality is guaranteed for sure.

It has an iron hook which can be installed on the right or left according to the user’s habits.

This gaming desk is very easy to install. All the tools we will need to install are provided with the desk.

The PC and frame are durable because they are made of solid material. We can use this desk without any worries.

Moreover, the company provides a 3-year of warranty.They ensure that the after-sale team is always there for us whenever we need them.

Key Features

  • Product dimensions are 18 X 60.8 X 28.1 inches.
  • The shape of this desk is L-shape.
  • The material type is engineering wood.
  • It is suitable for office work.
  • It is in pure black color.

Highlighted Features

  • This desk includes a monitor stand and an iron hook which can provide more space.
  • It gives multiple choices of sizes and colors to choose from.
  • The Monitor Shelf Can Be Moved according to our preferences.
  • It takes only 30 minutes to assemble.
  • The desk is very durable and sturdy.
  • The company provides 3 years of warranty.



  • It can be put down in the corner because of its design.
  • Comes in different sizes and colors.
  • Enough flexibility to use.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Customer service is always available.


  • Sometimes it can be hard to move from one place to another.


Walker Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top L Shaped Corner Gaming Desk

Best gaming desk under 200

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This is the best computer corner gaming desk with sound. It has a CPU stand which protects the PC case from dust and is more efficient in cooling.

Also, a keyboard tray can be attached to the left or right side. It will free up extra area and make it one of the best desks for gaming available.

The corner unit is the perfect place to store the drinks and snacks while having a marathon gaming session.

It is a quite large gaming computer desk which can accommodate one big monitor.

However, we can fit another monitor in the corner due to the L-shape.

The great thing about the Walker Edison Soreno is that it has stylish tempered glass and a powdered steel frame.

The entire design is stylish enough, and it would be the best gaming desk for an apartment. But again, we will need a mouse-pad to use a mouse.

We can mix and match the materials to meet our particular preferences. Even, we can easily divide the desks into two units or combine them for best use of space.

Key Features

  • Product dimensions are 51.12 X 51.12 X 29 inches.
  • The shape of this desk is L-shape.
  • It has a keyboard tray.
  • The material type is glass.
  • The style is Serene.
  • It is suitable for office work.
  • It is black in color.

Highlighted Features

  • Spacious enough to place several monitors.
  • The surfaces support up to 50 pounds, the top corner surface supports up to 20 pounds, and the keyboard tray supports up to 10 pounds.
  • It is constructed from glass and steel.
  • It has a stylish and contemporary look that can fit in almost every style.



  • Comparatively affordable according to other gaming desks prices.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • It has a trendy glass design.
  • The PC case stand is movable
  • It has a sliding keyboard tray.


  • The glass is tempered, so it is not suitable for using a mouse.
  • It does not have any extra storage.


Cubiker Modern L Shaped Computer Desk

Gameing desk under 200


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Cubiker is committed to helping to decorate the home with simple, functional yet affordable, and trendy products.

This is an affordable flexible enjoyable modern style L-shaped desk.

This L Shaped desk will bring us a modern style desk ideal for any modern house.

Also, it is excellent for houses or apartments in need of a space-saving desk.

Additionally, it is designed for multiple purposes, well fitted in the office for work, a playroom for board games, a living room for family use, and more.

The easy-to-follow and well-illustrated instructions are also available to make the assembly easy and exciting.

It is of walnut color, and the material is particle board. The size of the metal product is 51.1 X 51.1 X 29.5 inches.

We need to read more for moveable shelf multi-functional storage. The rack is usually placed on the right or left as needed storage bag design.

It will provide us with plenty of storage room for books, working documents, stuff, and much more.

We can hook it on either side of the desk as per our preferences.

The iron hook makes it more convenient to organize the headset or backpack, while we can fetch them easily if we need them anytime.

Key Features

  • Product dimensions are 51.1 X 51.1 X 29.5 inches.
  • The shape of this desk is L-shape.
  • The style is gaming style.
  • The material type is engineering wood.
  • The mounting type is floor mount.
  • It is suitable for office work.
  • It is black in color.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a modern design style. Cubiker L Shaped desk unifies fixed metal with MDF boards.
  • It is very durable and sturdy. The sturdy frame can support all the office equipment.
  • Also, it has a monitor stand which is removable and could be installed on either the right or left side.
  • The desk has a huge space and also plenty of legroom for rest.
  • It includes an L-shaped desk, a storage bag, a monitor stand, and an iron hook..



  • It is long-lasting and very durable.
  • Very easy to install.
  • It has an ample amount of area.
  • The monitor is removable from this gaming desk.


  • Some people find that it can not take much load.


L Shaped Gaming Desk

best gaming desk under 200

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is one of a desk that offers a great deal of desk spaces and enough legroom due to its sleek framing and L-shaped design.

The overall desk dimension is 51 X 51 X 30.4 inches, which is abundant to a large house with a large number of gaming desk accessories, even with 3 or more monitors.

The desk has an MDF board on the desktop, while its steel frame gives the desk strength and durability needed to support all heavy gaming accessories at a time.

The curved corner and steel frame base at the bottom with X-shaped legs give the desk a beautiful appearance that just stands out if perfectly organized.

On top of that, the desk comes with a monitor shelf and headphone hook attached on either side of the desk as per preference.

But the main thing is its detachable sections that can easily be separated by removing the screws,

and we will have two separate rectangular desks for different setups.

So, if we are creating a gaming room with enormous things, the Casaottima L shaped gaming desk would be a perfect option that will provide enough platform to enjoy games.

Key Features

  • Product dimensions are 51 X 51 X 30.4 inches.
  • The brand name is Casaottima.
  • The shape of this desk is L-shape.
  • The style is modern.
  • The material type is engineering wood.
  • The mounting type is floor mount.
  • It is suitable for office work.
  • It is black.

Highlighted Features

  • It is minimal looking and stylish.
  • The desk is strong and very durable.
  • It includes a monitor shelf and also a headphone hook.
  • This desk has a 3-year warranty
  • After-sale service is always available.



  • Stylish desk with modern appearance.
  • It has a sleek metal framing.
  • It offers a lot of desk space and legroom for rest.
  • The desk is suitable in that it could fit any corner of the room.
  • It can place 2 or more monitors.
  • Also, it can be used as two separate desks.


  • It lacks a cable management system.
  • The installation is a little time-consuming.
  • Sometimes, it is difficult to lift the desk and move to a new place.


Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming-Desk

Gaming desk under200

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Playing games on this specific desk would surely be a blast.

It comes with a lot of notable features with cable management trays that we do not even need to buy anything in addition.

If you are someone who enjoys many features, then we recommend this one would be the best gaming desk for you.

It has an ample amount of capacity for two or more monitors.

We can fit the computer, headphones, games, speakers, and more.

There is a basket under the desk to hold any other items, a stand for the controller, a cable management system, a cup holder, and a power strip in the back.

There is also an optional shelf that can hold up to a 27-inch monitor or an even larger 32-inch screen monitor.

Gamer move to have their phones nearby; that is why there is a built-in charging system on this gaming desk.

It has a modern and contemporary design that fits eloquently in any room.

Key Features

  • Product dimensions are 23.5 X 40.25 X 29.75 inches.
  • The special feature is it is ergonomic.
  • The shape of this desk is rectangular.
  • The style is pro-gaming style.
  • The finish type is laminated.
  • The material type is engineering wood, steel.
  • It is suitable for office, dormitory, classroom, living room.
  • It is black in color.

Highlighted Features

  • The table designed explicitly for gaming gear to focus on games.
  • It is durable enough to hold a laptop, PC, monitor, games, and more.
  • This table includes a charging stand that has built-in cable management.
  • It will add a sophisticated look to the room.
  • Customer services are always available.


  • It is very sturdy with an excellent frame.
  • Very easy and simple to use
  • It is customizable or even interchangeable depending on the customer’s preferences.
  • Additional cable management comes in the desk.
  • It has a good amount of space for leg rest.


  • We have to work with preciseness to get the exact alignment.


Aug 44″ Enhanced Larger Gaming Desk


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If you are considering a gaming pc desk with enormous space, Aug 44″ can be a great choice. It is one of the best gaming desk under 200.

It will give us enough space to set two monitors simultaneously.

The tabletop is covered with a 3mm thick extra-large mouse pad which is also waterproof.

The mouse pad is easy to wash, soft, and durable too.The t-shaped legs will provide an outstanding balance to carry weight up to 250 lb .

Moreover, the tabletop is made of carbon fiber texture.

It is a multipurpose gaming desk, such that we can use it as a gaming pc table, writing, or even study desk.

There are two cable grommets and a concealed power strip box. With these, we can manage the cables easily.

It also has a suitable cup holder and headset hook, which will make it easy for us to manage everything.

Also, it comes with four adjustable leveling glides which will help the desk take a position on the uneven floor.

Key Features

  • Product dimensions are 23.2″D x 43.3″W x 36.4″H
  • The shape of this desk is hexagonal.
  • The material type is engineering wood.
  • The mounting type is floor mount.
  • It is black.

 Highlighted Features

This desk has many features, but we will share some of them.


The durability is great. The hexagonal steel leg construction creates more stability.

This also helps remove the weight pressure from the keyboards, monitors, and other accessories.


This desk is enough large and spacious enough to support the gear and all other accessories.


This desk has adjustable leg pads. These pads allow the desk to remain stable while playing your games, even when the ground is uneven.

This adjustable gaming desk prevents wobbling. Apart from the pads, the feet are height adjustable.

This concept or design makes the gaming desk perfect for any surface condition.

Easy Assembling

This desk is effortless to assemble. A manual instructs and explains how we can assemble the desk.

Great Value for Money

This is a fantastic product that values money. It is one of the best if we want a 44-inch wide desk under $200.



  • It is very simple to assemble.
  • The desk is more immense compared to other models.
  • It has stability and durability
  • This desk can serve as both a writing and gaming purpose .
  • It includes a cup holder.
  • The height is adjustable to create balance even on uneven ground.
  • This desk has a magnificent cable management system.
  • The surface texture of the desk is waterproof.


  • Fortunately, the review of this desk is only positive. No user has done any negative review till now. It is the amazon best seller gaming desk.

Ultimate Buying Guide

When looking for what size a gaming desk should be, there are various factors to consider.

Below are some aspects to consider when considering a desk for gaming that fits anyone’s unique needs.

There are many different types of decks to choose from,

and depending on the size of the room you have and what kind of gaming setup you have will determine the best desk style for you.

Different Desk Sizes

There is a multitude of various gaming desks you may want to consider.

Gaming desks generally can hold the weight of one, two, or multiple monitors.

Many available sizes range from 24 inches to 55.1 inches in height. Depending on the gaming desk design you choose,

and if it is height adjustable or not, it will determine the size of the desk.

Standard desks and Z line desks tend to be able to be adjusted easier height-wise,

while an L-shaped or U-shaped designed desk tends to have more surface area for sitting down.

 Standard Desks

A standard gaming desk can be either a more oversized gaming computer desk for multiple monitors or a smaller design for a one monitor setup.

Whatever style desk you choose, certain features may include wire management,

led lighting, color options, z line style desk, or conventional flat or curved style.

 Height Adjustable Desk

An adjustable height desk for gaming is engineered to provide you with the most comfort possible for your wrists and is designed for gaming for long periods.

These desks assist with the pain associated with gaming for pleasure and professional gaming.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is often an ailment many gamer get after help to reduce carpal tunnel pain and adjust to different heights.

They are generally are easy to assemble and are high functionality gaming desks.

Pro gamer also like to use these kinds of desks because it allows you to set your desk at the perfect height, meaning you’ll be more comfortable for those long gaming sessions.

Another benefit is that adjustable desks can rise to where you are standing.

Sitting on a gaming chair for a long period can cause your body to feel sore and exhausted, in which you would naturally start to lose good posture.

Sitting for long periods of hours is detrimental to your health and can cause weak gluteus and legs,

a sore back, increased risk of getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. You would be amazed! Hence, a height-adjustable desk is always excellent,

as you can set it up to where you are standing, and therefore, the harmful long-term effects of sitting down all day would be nullified.

 Corner Desks

Corner desks are generally standard, Z line, or L-shaped varieties. The L shape style desk resembles how a corner of a room looks.

These setups are the perfect options for apartment living and smaller storage space areas.

What’s excellent about corner desks is that they are a snug fit in the corner and provide extra desk space.

Whether you are putting memorabilia or collectibles, you can fit your peripherals on either side or right in the corner and have a great deal of space to play around with.

 U-Shaped Desks

A U-shaped gaming desk is both perfect for the office and pro gamer. It has plenty of surface area space and surrounds the gamer for enhanced privacy.

They are designed to be spacious and to hold a plethora of accessories.

Your gaming experience is unmatched in terms of comfort and design.

They are also an excellent computer desk with cable management and build quality that will last for years to come.

U-shaped desks are like L-shaped desks but with an extra standard desk to turn the L into a U.

Surface Area

The surface area is something that many gamer feel is a “must-have” option.

It is generally the most crucial point when picking out what category of desk one chooses.

PC gamer need to be comfortable and have the storage space for a headphone holder and gaming tower as well as other gaming gear they may have.

The surface area will dictate how much room you have to move around your mouse  and if you’re an FPS gamer, you know that you need a wide surface area to ensure your flicks are accurate.

This will also permit you the ability to place your arms on your desk in a very comfortable position so you can have good posture,

and if you have some monitor mounts, you could take it a step ahead and increase the amount of space on the top side of your desk.


When looking at height for a desk, you have many options.

There are gaming desks made for sitting down and ones that are adjustable to the height you desire for a stand-up experience.

Getting a gaming computer desk for multiple monitors may influence the size height that you want, as you may opt for some multiple-screen setup.

Height also plays a significant factor in the comfort you sit at your desk and is further explained during the ‘height-adjustable desk’ part of this article.


A metal frame or a carbon fiber desk can make a gaming desk more durable and hold all of your equipment.

If you are gaming in your home office setting and have many accessories, monitors, computers, equipment,

and speakers, how much weight a desk can hold is something you need to consider.

Some desks have built-in features like a keyboard shelf, gaming rack, and room for power supplies.

Always check the specs on how much weight a desk can hold before purchasing.


There are many varieties of materials to choose from. One can get glass desktops, a PVC surface, carbon fiber finished tabletops, cherry wood desks, and ones made of steel.

Gaming Features

Gaming PC desks sometimes have incredible tech specs. Cooling fans that are built into the gaming desk are becoming mainstream features.

Controller hooks,CPU stand, keyboard drawer,gaming headset holder are just some of the features available today for gaming desktops.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best desk size for gaming?

The ideal dimension for a gaming desk is 60-inch (152.4cm) width, 30-inch (76.2cm) depth, and 30-inch (76.2cm) height.

This desk dimension is perfect for gaming needs that allow enough room to set up monitors, gaming gears, accessories and fit your feet comfortably. In general, the bigger, the better.

  1. How much space does an esports desk need?

Optimally, a desk should have 60 width x 30 depth x 30 height dimensions.

This should be sufficient space for you to place all your gadgets, even if you’ve opted for a two-monitor setup. Also, the gaming desk depth should be 30 inches.

  1. How much price would it take to build a gaming desk?

Building a gaming desk can cost depending on what materials will get used and how large the desk should be.

Extras like using high-quality wood or thick glass as the top or installing RGB lights will increase the overall price of the build.

 4.Can you make your gaming desk?

There are many High quality gaming desk options available, but many advantages of making your own.

When you make it a DIY project, you get to personalize the desk. It can work out quicker and cheaper to use what you already have on hand.

 5.Is it cheaper enough to build a gaming PC?

Generally, it’s a lot cheaper to build a gaming PC rather than buy a prebuilt gaming PC.

This is because you are not spending extra for the assembly cost and profit margin associated with Prebuilt PCs.

Therefore, it is indeed inexpensive to build a PC.


These were our 10 suggestions for the best gaming desks under 200 that you can buy.

These gaming desks are of the best quality, high-rated, and can be purchased anytime to give any gaming setup with maximum functionality and efficiency.

We hope you will find the best one suitable for your gaming room setup.

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