X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair Review

X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair Review . When playing your video game, the right posture and comfort are the most essential aspects that you may need outside the game. However, X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair gives you more than that. You will receive full interactivity to play your favorite games.

This X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair is a contemporaneity styled entertainment video gaming chair that is designed to give ultimate comfort while playing your favorite video games or watching movies. You can easily adjust ‘x rocker foldable chair’ the setting with the control panel located on the side.

The X Rocker II Wireless Video Gaming Chair can be easily assembled and folded. Once you have unfolded the seat and adjusted it, for you to use it, make sure all the electrical connections are intact.

Then check the control panel for signal showing that the seat is on before adjusting to your intended use. The control panel is easy to use because it is based on universal control signs. Below is a list of features that make this chair an ideal gaming seat.

Features of II Wireless Video Game Chair

x rocker 2 wireless video game chair

Highly Compatible:

If you acquire the x rocker 2 wireless video game chair, you do not have to worry about which gaming platforms to use. This wireless video game chair is highly compatible and can be used with variety of gaming platforms.

Other data formats can also be played using the seat. The seat can be used with Xbox, play station , Game boy, Nintendo, Wii, Mp3s and DVDs among others. Therefore, getting a X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair, allows you to access other formats of data as well.

2.1 Sound System

The quality of music from X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair is comparable to a full house music system. The seat has a ‘clearer dialogue for 2.1 sound system’ within it.

The distribution of the sound is strategically designed to enhance full interactivity between the player and the game. The seat has 2 built-in speaker and subwoofer.

The surround effect of the sound seamlessly integrates with the players. The control over the sound is assisted through a full side control panel.

The control panel allows the player to adjust the volume to the system, control the bass to the music and access music through input and output jacks. To enhance efficiency and operational ease, the seat has a wireless audio transmission system.

Ergonomic Design

The seat has an ergonomic design with a full back support. The chair can tilt and swivel ability allows comfort during the game. The X Rocker II Wireless Video x rocker foldable gaming chair seat is foldable making it easy to store and move.

The seat is also easy to clean with a heavy-duty upholstery vinyl cover. The compatibility of the seat with many games allows its use with a variety of devices.

The X Rocker SE II Leather Video Gaming Chair is rated four stars with most customers citing its design as appropriate for use. The chair is characterized to have a fantastic design and is very comfortable.

Features and Specification

The followings are the main features and specifications of the X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair:

Age Range: 12 years and up.

Wireless design

Dimensions are 22 6 inches by 30.7 inches by 37.6 inches, and it weighs 42 pounds.

It has a firm base that firmly supports the user as he or she plays.

Comes with small handles and is designed to be folded for easy storage.

Side control panel.

It is made of a heavy dusty upholstery vinyl cover that is easy to clean and comfortable.

I can be used with Xbox, Nintendo, Gameboy, PlayStation,Wii and other formats of play such as MP3 and DVDs among others.

Volume controls, Speakers, Subwoofer, Headphone jack.

The sound system of the seat is equipped with wireless transmission capabilities and has jack for headphones for personal use.

Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Adapter included.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair has a score of four stars from 160 customer reviews. The seat is highly rated compared with its competitors.

The rating focuses upon the experience during use, the materials used in creating the seat, the comfort levels, and the features installed on the seat.

Most of the aspects of the x rocker foldable sound rocker Chair that are appreciated by the customers are its design and flexibility. The seat is praised for being easy to put up, easy to store, and swivels to meet the player’s posture.

X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair joint and flexibility are perfect because it does not have the squeaking sound common in some gaming chairs.

Some of the customer review finds the product to be expensive. The price of X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair is considered higher than most of the similar products. However, the price is commensurate with the quality.

The flexibility of the seat to meet the posture of the user is among the factors listed by the customers as its best attributes. In the review, the ability to the arm rest to be adjusted and pulled up or down makes it suitable for people of varied heights and sitting postures.


Some of the customers from the review find X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair is not comfortable when watching television or using the computer.

The customers pointed out that they have to tilt their heads up when sitting on the X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair to watch television or work with the computer.

Other negative reviews show that the seat uncomfortable for people who are six feet tall. The customers find the seat is not comfortable for these people because they do not fit in the slouch of the seat.

However, it is important to adjust the seat to the preferred position. The seat is adjustable and should be made to meet the size requirement of the users.

On the first point of the seat being uncomfortable for working with a computer or watching television, the seat was designed for gaming. The seat of X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair will be most comfortable when used for gaming.

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The X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair is an interactive gaming chair. The wireless pedestal chair not only allows the user to listen to music but also enables the user to be part of the song.Through its wireless audio transmission, the seat allows the user full sound experience. So, should I buy this chair? YES, you should. You won’t regret when buying this gaming chair.

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