Why X Rocker Is The Best Choice for Gaming Chair

Do you know why X Rocker Is The Best Choice for Gaming Chair? X Rocker Gaming Chairs is a brand news of gaming chair which is developed by Ace Bayou, a furniture design company in Tennessee, USA.

Our gaming chairs basically take over where Grandma’s rocking chair left off – Enjoying life while doing nothing except for rocking in your chair and immersing in your inner world.

Now Ace Bayou has taken that front porch concept of staring at the stars and thinking about nothing to our modern way of relaxing… PC Games or any other modern media like Xbox, iPod, or DVD.

The X Rocker gaming chair gets many good reviews, and is a amazing tool to take your gaming experience to the next level. Most customers are very happy with our gaming chair and are return customers after some years.

They said a lot about the chair’s qualities which you could easy find on Amazon or WalMart.

Why Choosing X Rocker?

Exclusive AFM Technology

What is AFM technology, you ask? Audio Force Modulation incorporates speakers and ported power subwoofers and uses the open space inside the X Rocker  not just the frame to magnify sound quality.

AFM creates vibrational audio that intensifies every experience. We’re talking amped-up, full-sensory, rock-out experience, whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or playing your favorite game. Believe us, you’ll feel it.

Premium Surround Sound Systems

This unique, full-bodied sound system chair offers you complete media immersion and has been carefully designed to amplify sound, improve sound quality, and enhance your experience. The 4.1 sound system includes four built-in speakers and a ported powered subwoofer and additional vibration for a multi-sensory experience.

Easily Connects to most Media

X Rocker Gaming Chairs seamlessly connects to most popular media devices, including iPods, PS3, Wii, Xbox360, PSP, DVD players and more.

Manufactured by industry leader Ace Bayou Corp.

Ace Bayou Corp. is the market leader in designing and manufacturing innovative lifestyle furniture. Including its revolutionary line of sound furniture products, corner-stoned by its X Rocker media furniture.

Ace Bayou initially started the ‘niche’ of sound chairs and is largely responsible for creating the now widely accepted market segment. Over the past 15 years, the demand for products has grown by over 800 percent and continues to expand. Ace Bayou provides customers with value-based products by implementing cost reduction strategies through innovations in assembly, manufacturing processes and logistics.

How To Set Up an X Rocker Gaming Chair

Well, congratulations, you’re having a new awesome X-Rocker gaming chair. Are you ready to rock with your favorite games? So, let’s setup your gaming chair now.

The very good news is that you don’t have to be an engineering degree in order to setup your X Rocker gaming chair. You can do it yourself very easily. In just 10 to 15 minutes, you can go from a boxed up product to a full setup. Everything you need is your gaming chair, your television and the power cable and audio cables that come with the X-Rocker chair.

”X rocker Set Up” Guide Step-by-Step

You will make 3 connections when setting up your X Rocker gaming chair – 1 for the power cable and 2 for your audio output. Be sure that you already have the video cable that connected to your gaming console and the television set.

Here is your step-by-step guide for how do you set up a x rocker gaming chair .

Step One

Take your X Rocker gaming chair out of the box and unfold it. When it fully extended, the chair’s back and seat should be locked into place, in an erect position. Place your gaming chair in the floor where you want to play in front of the television.

Step Two

Next, you have to locate and identify your AV cables. They should be white, yellow and red colors. Plug them all into your gaming system, you have to follow the color coding on the jacks.

Step Three

You will then want to plug the yellow connector end into the video input jack located on the back of the television set. The jacks may or may not be color coded on the back of the television.

Step Four

With the remaining cable white and red plugs, just connect them into your gaming chair. The audio input jacks on the X Rocker gaming chair are very easy to locate on the side of the chair.

Step Five

Next, locate the DC power plug connection on the side of your gaming chair. The DC power plug should be right next to the audio jacks. Just insert it into the appropriate connection and then you should plug the other end into an electrical wall receptacle.

*Remember:  it’s very important, you should have all of the other cables be plugged into your gaming chair before plugging the DC power transformer into the wall.

Step Six

Turn on your gaming system, television and then your gaming chair. When all the devices are on, you are able to adjust the control knob on the side of the X Rocker gaming chair to your desired volume control for your surround sound experience.

If you are still a bit hazy on the directions, you should refer to the operator’s manual guide that accompanied your X Rocker gaming chair. Now let’s rock on with your games, movies and even music with your X Rocker.


This effective gaming chair will come up with an audio enjoy no different. Consolation that you may in no way locate with many different gaming chairs, extraordinary connectivity and controls and the fine feeling of being a part of the action. With all of the constructed functions and intense consolation levels, there’s absolute confidence that the X Video Rocker is the best gaming chair to be had on the market.
You may also adore it due to the fact uncomplicated, clean to apply controls and quite low.

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